Genre: Other

Composer: Najib Shirzad

Artist: Najib Shirzad & Freshta Sakhizada

Accompaniment: Vocal and Instruments

Media: Videos


Arezo-e-Didar – Najib Shirzad & Freshta Sakhizada

Singers: Najib Shirzad & Freshta Sakhizada
Composition: Najib Shirzad
Lyrcs :Ruknuddin Erfani
Music: Wasi Faramarz
Directed by: Behzad Ahmadi
Editing by: Dawood raziqi

Diamond jubilee has ended and regrets have risen from depth of my soul.
Didar didn’t take place in Afghanistan, for which my heart whines

O Master of righteous; Come once to the Afghan land
So lovers may rise in ecstasy of your rejoining as rosaries

Neither you come in Golden jubilee nor in Diamond jubilee
Souls of your lovers are in an enduring pain and burning

We are still impatiently waiting for your rejoining
Pleasant the day, when words of the despair disappears.