Mubarak Mawla - A Cappella (Cover)

Genre: Contemporary

Composer: Salim-Sulaiman

Artist: Shakeel Bhamani

Accompaniment: Vocal Only

Media: Videos


This is a cappella rendition (100% vocals and without instruments) of the iconic Golden Jubilee song Mubarak Mawla originally by Salim-Sulaiman.

Artists: Shakeel Bhamani, Hussain Sajwani, Kais Ali, Faiza Lalani
Arrangers: Kais Ali, Shakeel Bhamani
Producers: Kais Ali, Shakeel Bhamani, Saqeef Ali
Cinematographer/Editor: Ramis Nayani of Journey Media
Directors: Shakeel Bhamani, Ramis Nayani
Composer: Salim-Sulaiman