Pir Shams Urges Spiritual Awareness 24-7. Ginan Garbi With Music.

Genre: Ginans

Composer: Pir Shams Sabzwari

Artist: Alijah Gulamhussein Gulamani

Accompaniment: Vocal and Instruments

Media: Videos


This is a ginan garbi, a subgenre within ginans (devotional hymns) where the lyrics are set to dance. In modern times they are recited in more religious settings by Ismailis. According to folklore, Pir Shams used these garbis in the 14th Century for proselytizing purpose where he would participate in dancing with villagers during their festive occassions and use these lyrics to communicate his message. —————————————————-
Composed by Pir Shams Sabzwari Recited by Alijah Gulamhussein Gulamani tame japjo deen raat ke, ma(n)deer maa(n)he mahaaljore lol Remember (the name of the Lord) day and night, and enjoy thereby in this universe (or house)