Tera Chahera Hai Noorani Devotional Geet (Salgirah 2019 Special)

Genre: Geets

Composer: Lyrics: Taj Qavi

Artist: Kamal Taj

Accompaniment: Vocal and Instruments

Media: Artist Video

Description: JollyGul.com presents upbeat devotional geet Tera Chahera Hai Noorani (Your face emanates spiritual enlightenment) cheerfully sung by Kamal Taj. This is part of our ongoing series of videos for the Jamat in the month of December to celebrate Salgirah 2019. This happy and celebratory song video is set against a backdrop of spectacular display of fireworks as we enter the holiday season. Kamal Taj is the son of renowned poet Taj Qavi and the beloved Rehmatbanu Taj. He composes and performs devotional music in praise of God, His Prophets, and the Ismaili Imams. His songs take his listeners on a spiritual journey and help them develop a deeper understanding of their faith. Kamal was born in Mumbai, India, grew up in Bangladesh and Pakistan, and moved to the United States in 1978. The lyrics for this song were written by his father Taj Qavi who passed away in 2012. The geet was recorded in 2010 in Doha as part of Rooh Ka Safar (Journey of the Soul) album.

Tera Chahera Hai Noorani
Your face emanates spiritual enlightenment

Devotional Geet
Lyrics & Running Translations

Vocalist: Kamal Taj
Lyrics: Taj Qavi

Music & Arrangement: Sakkeer Sariga, Sunil and Suhail

Album: Rooh Ka Safar (Journey of the Soul)
Recording: Doha – 2010

Video: JollyGul.com