Urdu Ginan| Al Madad Ya Ali ul Aala Al Madad

Genre: Qasidas

Composer: Allamah Nasir al Din Nasir

Artist: Meher Angaiz Mir Hunzai

Accompaniment: Vocal and Instruments

Media: Videos


Voice : Meher Angaiz Mir Hunzai

Poetry: Allamah Nasir al Din Nasir Hunzai (S.I)

He is the author of over a hundred books related to the esoteric interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. He writes both prose as well as poetry. He is the first person to have a Diwan of poetry in Burushaski, his mother tongue, and is known as “Baba-i Burushaski” (Father of Burushaski) for his services to that language. He also composes poetry in three other languages: Urdu, Persian and Turkish. His contribution to spiritual science is widely recognised. He is the co-author of a German-Burushaski dictionary published by Heidelberg University, Germany and “Hunza Proverbs” published by Calgary University of Canada. He is a recipient of “Sitarah-i Imtiyaz” awarded by the Government of Pakistan for his contribution to literature.