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Nargis Balolia lives in Toronto, Canada and started reciting ginans in Nairobi during her teenage years. She was initially trained and inspired by her mother Daulat Kassim-Lakha.

Nargis has participated in various ginan competitions and mehfils. She has also recited a ginan in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam in Nairobi.

Her husband Anil Balolia has been instrumental in producing all her ginan CDs which are very popular with the Jamat throughout the world.

All the music compositions for Nargis Balolia's recitals are done by Sudhir Narain.

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Genre: Ginans

Composer: Sayyed Imaam Shaah

Artist: Nargis Balolia

Accompaniment: Vocal and Instruments

Media: Artist Video


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